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Kejia Ma
SONY - Software Engineer - 2005-present
Project: Sony eBooks webstore
- Consumer-facing website
(J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Oracle, Tomcat/Apache, XML.)



UCLA Loni - Programmer Analyst - 2003-2005
Project: Image Data Archival System (NIH/FDA funded)
Web-based real-time medical image archiving and acquiring service to 50 collaborator sites.
(JSP/Servlets/JavaBean, JDBC, MySQL, Applet.)



Project: Image viewer for medical web application.
+ Large-volume image series
+ Real-time communication to image server
+ Intuitive 3d navigation
+ Convenient image manipulation tools
(Java Applet)
Project: Image data presentation research
Structured Presentation of large medical data sets. Design and development for protocols for different scenarios.
(Java Applet/Swing, XML, DOM.)

Patient-study mode

File directory mode

Comparison mode

Image enhancement mode

Project: Web app management tool
XML editing tool with tabular editing interface, before native support in Tomcat5
(JSP/Servlets, XML.)
Project: Intuitive database creation tool
Graphic User Interface (GUI) for database construction (DDL) / population (DML).
(JSP/Servlets, JDBC, MySQL.)